Quranic opposites

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This set of 24 beautifully illustrated opposite words are derived from the Noble Quran. It helps you to teach your child a bunch of Arabic words in a fun and engaging way that will help them understand the Quran in later years. Here’s how:

  • Each opposite pair of words is mentioned frequently in the Quranwhich will help your child recognise those words whilst reading the Book of Allah.

  • Each pair is wonderfully illustrated making it visually appealing and helpful to your child in remembering the Arabic words as well as their meaning in a fun and engaging way.

  • The Quranic Opposites is a large puzzleensuring that it is just the right level of difficultly for a child to complete. It is also easy for small hands to grip the pieces.

  • There are 24 pairs which ensure that your child can use and learn the product for a long lasting period.

  • The fact that this is a puzzle, guarantees that your child is more likely to learn about the words mentioned in the Quran in a much more engaging and fun way using their cognitive matching skills.

  • The puzzle pieces are made on thick card and laminated making them durable for long term use.

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